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  1. Covers/Booklet001-012.jpg6.76 MB
  2. Covers/Booklet010-011.jpg5.68 MB
  3. Covers/Booklet002-003.jpg5.19 MB
  4. Covers/Digi Pak Front.jpg4.59 MB
  5. Covers/Booklet004-005.jpg4.48 MB
  6. Covers/Booklet006-007.jpg4.27 MB
  7. Covers/Booklet008-009.jpg4.25 MB
  8. Covers/Front Cover.jpg4.12 MB
  9. Covers/Disc002.jpg2.92 MB
  10. Covers/Disc001.jpg2.62 MB
  11. Disc 1/16.Pure Prairie League - Just Fly.flac26.76 MB
  12. Disc 1/11.Pure Prairie League - Place In The Middle.flac25.65 MB
  13. Disc 1/08.Pure Prairie League - You Are So Near To Me.flac25.54 MB
  14. Disc 1/20.Pure Prairie League - Bad Dream.flac24.28 MB
  15. Disc 1/05.Pure Prairie League - Lucille Crawfield.flac23.66 MB
  16. Disc 1/03.Pure Prairie League - Sun Shone Lightly.flac22.83 MB
  17. Disc 1/14.Pure Prairie League - You Don't Have To Be Alone.flac22.57 MB
  18. Disc 1/07.Pure Prairie League - Aren't You Mine.flac22.33 MB
  19. Disc 1/19.Pure Prairie League - My Young Girl.flac22.27 MB
  20. Disc 1/06.Pure Prairie League - Gimme Another Chance.flac21.88 MB
  21. Disc 1/15.Pure Prairie League - Love Is Falling.flac21.43 MB
  22. Disc 1/12.Pure Prairie League - Slim Pickin's.flac20.90 MB
  23. Disc 1/18.Pure Prairie League - Working In The Coal Mine.flac20.79 MB
  24. Disc 1/13.Pure Prairie League - Love Will Grow.flac19.90 MB
  25. Disc 1/10.Pure Prairie League - Goin' Home.flac19.29 MB
  26. Disc 1/04.Pure Prairie League - Long Cold Winter.flac18.17 MB
  27. Disc 1/09.Pure Prairie League - Out In The Street.flac17.07 MB
  28. Disc 1/17.Pure Prairie League - Lifetime.flac16.24 MB
  29. Disc 1/02.Pure Prairie League - I Can Only Think Of You.flac14.56 MB
  30. Disc 1/01.Pure Prairie League - That'll Be The Day.flac12.97 MB
  31. Disc 1/Pure Prairie League If The Shoe Fits - Just Fly.log23.98 KB
  32. Disc 1/Pure Prairie League If The Shoe Fits - Just Fly.cue3.47 KB
  33. Disc 1/Pure Prairie League If The Shoe Fits - Just Fly.m3u8835 bytes
  34. Disc 1/Pure Prairie League If The Shoe Fits - Just Fly.m3u832 bytes
  35. Disc 2/05.Pure Prairie League - Fade Away.flac27.57 MB
  36. Disc 2/03.Pure Prairie League - All The Way.flac26.07 MB
  37. Disc 2/01.Pure Prairie League - Dance.flac23.33 MB
  38. Disc 2/08.Pure Prairie League - Help Yourself.flac23.23 MB
  39. Disc 2/10.Pure Prairie League - All The Lonesome Cowboys.flac23.22 MB
  40. Disc 2/09.Pure Prairie League - San Antonio.flac23.13 MB
  41. Disc 2/06.Pure Prairie League - Tornado Warning.flac22.13 MB
  42. Disc 2/02.Pure Prairie League - In The Morning.flac21.42 MB
  43. Disc 2/04.Pure Prairie League - Livin' Each Day At A Time.flac18.91 MB
  44. Disc 2/07.Pure Prairie League - Catfishin'.flac15.59 MB
  45. Disc 2/Pure Prairie League Dance.log14.98 KB
  46. Disc 2/Pure Prairie League Dance.cue4.04 KB
  47. Disc 2/Pure Prairie League Dance.m3u8466 bytes
  48. Disc 2/Pure Prairie League Dance.m3u463 bytes
  49. Front.jpg45.04 KB